Growing Believers is about every believer moving forward in their faith journey to know and love God more.  It is about being a student of scripture and knowing how to apply it to everyday life.  It is about being a disciple of Jesus and following in his footsteps and actions.  It’s about helping others develop in their walk with Christ and discipling them to know God more. Growing believers at Hopedale includes several important ministries such as: Sunday School, Discipleship classes, small groups, children’s ministry, youth ministry, and men’s and women’s ministry.

9:45 Sunday School

Children’s Department

1’s & 2’s Preschool : 3 – Pre-K Kindergarten 1st & 2nd Grade 3rd & 4th Grade 5th & 6th Grade Girls

5th & 6th Grade Boys
Student Ministry

Jr. High Girls Jr. High Boys Sr. High Girls

Sr. High Boys
Young Adult Department
Adult 1 : 18-25 Teacher | Lyn Balty
Adult 2 : 25 – 35  |  Eric Carter
Adult 3: 35 – 45  |  Jim Massey/Kevin Wilson
Adult Department
Adult 4A : 45-55  |  Kenny Edens
Adult 4B : 44-55  |  Mike McAdams
Adult 5A : 55-65  |  Ken Ownby
Adult 5B : 55-65  |  Dr. Ed Burris
Adult 6 : 65-75  |  Gerry Keltner
Adult 7 : 75+  |  Gary Williams
Ladies Fellowship :  Mixed Aged  |  Cindy Wilson
Men’s Fellowship : Mixed Aged  |  Winston Hackett

These are the Bible Study classes that take place during the Sunday School session. -These classes are open, which means that you are able to jump in to a class at anytime without having to worry about what you have missed before. -These are age-graded classes but we want you to find a place where you fit in.  Try your aged class then feel free to try a class younger or older.  Most important is that you plug into God’s word and into a community of believers that you can rely on to help you grow.